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The Chinese Shepherd Dog: Everything You Need To Know

by David W.
Chinese Shepherd Dog

A huge number of breeds have been created based on the genetic code of German Shepherds. The Chinese German Shepherd is no exception.


During the Great Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1976), many of the native dog breeds were in danger of extinction. Breeders decided to breed a new dog for service.

The German Shepherd dog was taken as the basis. Through crossing native breeds with GSD the Chinese have bred three new types of Shepherds:

  • The Chinese mountain red dog;
  • Kunming Shepherd;
  • Chinese Shepherd Dog.

Of these dogs, the Chinese Shepherd is the most interesting. Officially recognized since 1988.

They are employed extensively in the police and military services and are also maintained as pets.


In appearance, the Chinese Shepherd looks like a German Shepherd and Mastiff mix. There is a theory that their blood contains impurities from the Tibetan Mastiff in addition to the base from German Shepherds. Larger than the parent (their weight can reach 110 lbs ( 50 kg)), with a broader chest, taller at the withers, and a more raw face, and withers.

The standard of the breed admits tan, red and black colors. The coat is thick, of medium length, with a dense undercoat. The nose is only black, other pigmentation is a fault. Eyes are medium-sized, brown in color, and lower eyelids are slightly down.

The jaw is strong, full set of 42 teeth. The head is angular and visually seems a bit square. The ears are set high, standing strictly upright, with slightly pointed tips of the auricle.

The body is stout, broad, and elongated. The tail is low and saber-shaped. The neck is muscular, with a well-defined suspension. The abdomen is moderately taut, like its prototype. The back is straight and strong. The hips are long, lowered to the base of the tail, and the loin is large.

Chinese Shepherd Temperament

Chinese German Shepherd

The Chinese German Shepherd breed has a rather difficult character. This individual has a willful character and can make independent decisions. Stubborn, strong dog – definitely not for novices.

It possesses a high level of activity. Needs regular exercise for proper joint and bone development. A good walk is essential for this breed.

Training and Education

With the right approach to education, will be a good working dog. In experienced hands, it can work in search and protection services. Despite their innate stubbornness, perfectly amenable to training.

Should not be trained with harsh methods, it can show a passive defensive reaction. Again, affected by the genes of wolves. Raising such a dog should be firm, but without cruelty.

The future owner of a Chinese Shepherd dog needs to be a calm, stubborn and consistent educator. Then these individuals show first-class obedience abilities.

The Breed’s Sociability

These predators, with a sufficient level of socialization, get along well with other animals. Especially get along with those with which they grow up together or live under the same roof.

Chinese Shepherds, like their parents, are very attached to all family members. History knows of no cases of these predators attacking children.

A display of aggression on the owner’s side has only been observed as a defensive reaction. The instinct of self-preservation forces the individual to defend itself – this is the norm.

This breed has a high level of distrust of strangers, which perfectly helps in the protection of an owner’s territory and property. Also, specimens of this breed can become excellent bodyguards.

Distrustful, cautious, and attentive animals are ideal for home, territory, and owner protection.

Lifespan and Health

The breed has relatively good health. The main problems are considered to be sprained heel and hip dysplasia. These diseases are inherited from the prototype from which they were created.

Also, cartilage and joint problems can show up in the absence of proper exercise. As with most large canines.

Individuals of this species do not live long, averaging only 12 to 14 years.

Maintenance, Care, Feeding

Chinese GSD

The ideal place for your dog would be in a yard with a warm doghouse. Or a spacious aviary with daily walks and the same doghouse.

Allowed to keep in the house or apartment. Only with two daily long walks. Without freedom of movement, this breed can behave destructively, and damage the property in the house.

The feeding of this breed is not predominantly different from other breeds. The diet must necessarily include:

  • lean meat;
  • by-products;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • carbohydrate-containing cereals;
  • cottage cheese (other options of sour milk products are possible).

Due to the wolf genetics, it is highly undesirable to feed the Chinese Shepherd dog with ready-made dry food. The digestive system, close to wild animals, is not adapted to such nutrition.

Chinese German Shepherd Price

This breed is extremely rare in USA and Europe, respectively, and it is expensive. The majority of kennels are located just in China. It is possible to arrange for delivery with the breeder, but the cost of the puppy will increase several times.

Also, it is possible that you will have to travel by yourself, which also will not make the purchase cheaper. You should be ready to pay up to 2000$ for the puppy, including shipping.

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