German shepherd dog names

German shepherd dog names

German shepherd dog name
” Name me please. I am a male “

Our goal here is to help you find German shepherd dog names or German shepherd puppy names. We will provide you with male German shepherd dog names and female German shepherd dog names and we will discuss some ways to come up with German shepherd dog names on your own so the name you decide on will be uniquely your own.

Of course you can name your German shepherd puppy or dog anything you like. Some German shepherds are named after a trait that they show at a young age. For example if they are very smart and learn really fast you might call him “Einstein” after Albert Einstein the famous mathematician who was known for being extremely smart. That might work for a male German shepherd names but for a female you might be searching for a more feminine name such as “Precious” who may define who the puppy is and what she is to you.  There are literally thousands and thousands of German shepherd dog names. You can look for male German shepherd names or female German shepherd dog names. Below are some examples of male German shepherd dog names.

Some male German shepherd dog names

Aaron, Aaros, Abaco, Abakus, Abba, Abel, Abraham, Abyss, Ace, Achilles, Adam Addy, Adler, Admiral, Adonis, Adrian, Aero, Agassi,  Ajax, Alaska, Albert, Alberto, Aldo, Alec, Alegro, Alex, Alexander, Alfons, Alfonso, Alfred, Alfredo and there are of course many more which we will provide for you as we discuss the names in more detail.

This list is meant to help provoke thought on names similar but maybe not the same as these dog names above.

Here we will show you some female German shepherd dog names for the same reason as just mentioned and later we will explain how some breeders and registrations like the SV in Germany (or other countries if you imported or plan to import your dog or puppy) to give specific German shepherd puppy names and require you to start your dog’s name off with a required letter of the alphabet.

german shepherd dog name
Name me!

Some female German shepherd dog names

Adele, Adeline, Adriana, Amy, Africa, Agatha, Aggie, Agnes, Aileen,  Aimee,  Aiola, Aisa, Alana,  Alanda,  Alaska, Albina,  Alegra, Alena, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexia, Alexis, Alisha, Alice,  Allie,  Alpina, Alyssa, Amanda, Amazon, Amber, America, Ana, Anabel, Anastasia.

Hopefully some of these names will help you think of good German shepherd dog names for your German shepherd puppy. We will provide a list of many more names below. In the meantime we will explain a bit more in detail some ways names are required registrations like the SV and others. When a breeder has their first litter of German shepherd puppies the very first litter must have all of the puppies names begin with the letter “A” and when that breeder has their second litter then all of the puppies in that litter must start with the letter “B” and so on even if different German shepherds were bred as long as they come from the same kennel or breeder.

In the United States the more commonly known AKC registration allows you to name your dog however you see fit as they do not have the same restrictions on German shepherd dog names as the German SV does on their German shepherd dog names. Make sure you check with the breeder for potential name requirements especially if you plan on importing a German shepherd puppy. More information on German shepherd breeders can be found here.

german shepherd dog
What would you name him?

German shepherd puppy names

Remember your German shepherd puppy will grow into an adult German shepherd dog so try to make sure what you plan to call it as a puppy will still fit when he or she is an adult. To learn more about German shepherd puppies visit German shepherd puppy.  Remember if you are getting an imported puppy your name will be more restricted however you can be very creative with your puppies name and additionally his actual name can be different than his call name. For example if your litter happened to start with the letter “Q” but you wanted to name your German shepherd “Princess” instead of say “Queenie” you could put Queenie on the registration papers but call her Princess! You could also simply call her Queen’s “Princess”. Have fun with it and your German shepherd puppy names will come easy.

 Famous German shepherd dog names and other famous dog names

There are some very famous German shepherd dog names you might recognize like “Rin Tin Tin” and “Strongheart” from the movies. How about other famous dog names like Lassie? Remember Benji? There are many famous German shepherd dog names from sieger show winners as well. Learn more about sieger shows and winners at USA Sieger Show. It is very interesting to read about the German shepherd and their meteoric rise in popularity. For more information about the history of the German shepherd visit German shepherd dog history .



You can name your German shepherd after something you like or enjoy such as Cocoa Chanel which is a fancy name for a spoiled or “uppity” female German shepherd name or how about an unusual but fun name like “Pepsi”? Sounds funny but it’s a good German shepherd dog names because you could easily buy personalized items for her such as Pepsi towels or hats etc…..I am sure you could think of many other names based on this example alone. If you want more names to choose from then visit More Dog Names  for more German shepherd dog names.

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