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Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

by David W.
German Shepherd with cat

Cartoons may show rivalries between dogs and cats, but that is usually not the case. With proper training and early socialization, dogs and cats tend to get along far better than expected.

Every person who owns a cat and thinking of bringing home a German Shepherd has this question in their mind, do German Shepherds get along with cats? Well, German Shepherds and cats surprisingly get along well, even though the German Shepherd’s nature sometimes tends to be aggressive. And which is the very reason one must give proper time to their early socialization and training.

How sociable are German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are large-sized dogs with hunting instincts. They are primarily trained to hunt, chase and protect people. This dog breed is brilliant, so they learn things quickly and adapt to them.

German Shepherds being intelligent and quick-witted, they can easily get along with cats if the introduction and training are done correctly. If a proper environment is created for the dog and cat, then there is no reason why they won’t get along!

Unsurprisingly, most cats tend to be reserved and extra cautious with strangers and new companions. So, if your cat’s response to the dog takes you by surprise, do not worry. It happens in almost every house.

With time, your cat will get used to the dog, and you will see them playing along just fine! Make sure your cat has had interactions with other dogs and likewise with the German Shepherds as well. That will make things less awkward and new for both.

Does the age of the German Shepherd and cat matter?

Well, there’s no doubt that an adult German Shepherd will get along just fine with a cat with proper training and discipline. However, it is known to all that puppies are not difficult when it comes to introducing new companions. These small, playful pups will play along with any pet or animals!

If you’re planning to socialize your German Shepherd with cats, then the easier option would be to bring a puppy instead of an adult German Shepherd dog.

Proper investigation before adoption

It is very important to know the history of the dog before you adopt it and bring it home. Make sure you learn everything about the dog, why the previous owner discarded him, etc. 

Some dogs tend to have negative interactions with other animals, and if your dog happens to be one of them, it might be a mess once you do the introduction. 

Therefore, keep that in a note before you proceed with the adoption!

Tips to get your German Shepherd and your cat to get along

GSD with a cat

It would be careless of you to leave them be on their first day of introduction. Do not be surprised if you see them fighting because that’s what will happen if you leave them alone on their first day.

You must keep an eye on them and be near them when they are introduced to each other. Your presence and dominance play a crucial role!

Prepare your cat

If it is a cat that you are bringing home, then you might want to keep a few things in mind. Make sure your cat has enough space for sleep, litter, water, and food. It is also always best to give separate rooms for both your dog and cat. That way, there are fewer chances for them to get into a fight.

Besides, all pets need a space of their own!

Train your German Shepherd

It is essential to well-train your German Shepherd to behave with your cat. The dog is way bigger and stronger in size; therefore, the cat is in more danger if things go wrong.

Make sure you strictly train and discipline your German Shepherd to behave not just with your cat, but even with new companions. 

Equal love

It is only natural for animals to get jealous if the other receives more love and attention. Likewise, if you have a German Shepherd and cat at home, do not make the mistake of giving partial love to just one pet.

There are many incidents where a dog gets aggressive and thereby attacks the other pet as a sign of jealousy. Do not be one of them! All pets deserve equal love and attention!

Give extra attention to the dog

If you want your German Shepherd and cat to get along well, then you will have to give extra attention to the dog. That’s just common sense because they are bigger, feistier, and more robust.

This dog breed is extremely intelligent and quick to learn, so you won’t have to sweat much while training them. If possible, get a German Shepherd puppy if you’re looking for an easier way to make the two get along easily.

Besides, there are thousands of people who own a German Shepherd along with a cat, and they get along like bread and butter! It’s all up to training and environment!

Factors that hinder the relationship between a German Shepherd and a cat

German Shepherd and cat

Unfortunately, not all German Shepherds and cat owners might experience a smooth relationship between the two at home. Well, there are reasons why such things happen and must be taken care of.

Foremost, bringing home an adult German Shepherd dog might cause a fuss. Remember, this is an adult dog that knows and expresses its dominance. Therefore, they might try and let the cat know its authority by being aggressive on the first meet.

Secondly, if the dog already has a history of not getting along well with other pets, it might be a severe problem. You either have to give proper training, or best bring a German Shepherd puppy.

Final thoughts

If you’re bringing home an adult German Shepherd, first do a proper investigation, and then bring him home. See to it that he behaves well with other pets, especially cats. If possible, bring home a German Shepherd puppy to avoid extra fuss and trouble training them to get along. 

It’s rare for a trained dog to behave aggressively with a cat. So, if you are determined to train that dog, don’t wait any longer!

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