Salmon oil for Dogs

Salmon Oil Increases Overall Canine Health

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Salmon oil for dogs

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for humans, but did you know they can also be an important supplement for improving the health of your dog? Omega 3’s are not produced by the body, therefore your dog must obtain them through their diet. Adding this supplement to your dog’s food is important because most commercial dog foods rely on grain-fed meat for their ingredients. These meats contain lower levels of fatty acids than found in the tissues of cold-water fish and salmon. Therefore, your dog is probably not receiving the required amount of Omega 3’s that is an essential part of their diet needed to maintain general health. Salmon oil can provide this. Omega 3’s are available in liquid or capsule format. They are easily added into your dog’s diet and quickly metabolized into their system.


Salmon oil benefits for dogs

Omega 3 fatty acids offer many benefits. They improve cardiovascular health by reducing arrhythmia and triglyceride levels that can lead to heart disease. They can reduce blood pressure by decreasing atherosclerotic plaque, which can accumulate inside the lining of the artery wall. They can also provide support for dogs already diagnosed with heart disease. These fatty acids help improve kidney problems such as frequent urination and loss of appetite and may even help prevent renal disease.

salmon oils for dogs
salmon oil

Salmon oil and omega 3

Studies have shown that Omega 3’s not only protect your dog’s heart and kidneys, but they also reduce inflammation. When our dogs go outside, they are exposed to a wide variety of microscopic allergens and irritants. Salmon oil is known to help counteract the negative effects of skin allergies such as allergic dermatitis. Fatty acids decrease and control skin inflammation by reducing pain, swelling and irritation. Dry flaky skin is eliminated or greatly reduced while creating a lustrous coat with improved sheen. Healthy skin means less itching, eczema and dermatitis. Omega 3’s are known to strengthen teeth and bones in older dogs as well as help puppies develop strong, healthy bones.

Salmon oil is known to reduce inflammation

Salmon oil also improves conditions such as joint pain and inflammatory bowel disease. Because fatty acids can slow cartilage damage, Omega 3’s are also standard prevention and treatment for canine arthritis. Salmon oil helps dogs produce more natural lubricants resulting in improved mobility, especially with dogs experiencing cartilage damage. This can increase zest and vigor, adding vitality to your dog’s normal routines. Another advantage to this salmon oil supplement includes aiding mental development of fetuses and puppies. Cognitive function can even be aided in aging dogs.


salmon oils
salmon oil

Salmon oil and cancer

Though it is always recommended to consult with your veterinarian, these fatty acids have also been used to treat yeast infections, autoimmune conditions and even some types of cancers. Salmon oil should be discussed as an essential building block for maintaining a balanced metabolism, Omega 3’s slow cancer cell growth, according to Dr. Oglivie, DVM, Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine.

 Your vet and Salmon oil

Your veterinarian can recommend doses based a variety factors including your dog’s breed, size, and particular ailment or preexisting conditions. Be sure to notify your vet of all prescription medicines or supplements you are administering to your dog. In addition, liquid salmon oil should be kept refrigerated, in a dark bottle, and not exposed to heat, light or air. Introduce it gradually into your pet’s diet in order to reduce the likelihood of loose stools. Other side effects to be aware of include bad breath, stomach pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. You should watch your dog for any of these gastrointestinal reactions. Slowly introducing this supplement into your dog’s system over time will allow them to become accustomed to the oils. Avoid cheap brands of salmon oil as they may contain toxic mercury or other harmful chemicals. Be aware that too much salmon oil could result in blood clotting problems and should not be administered prior to surgery.

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Salmon oil can be used as a preventative health supplement

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to promote a strong immune, nervous and cardiovascular system. Click on the picture above for more information. It also can be used as a treatment for a medical condition such as heart or kidney disease, allergies and arthritis. This multipurpose supplement should be pure oil, rich in DHA and EPA. It can improve the vitality of your pet and the appearance of their coat and skin. Salmon oil is a wonderful supplement that has a lot to offer in improving the overall health of your dog.

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Healthy prepared salmon

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