Olive oil for dogs

Olive oil for for your dog

olive oil
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Olive oil for dogs


When you think of olive oil, you probably think of the healthy fat used in cooking your meals. This is one staple that is found in many kitchens worldwide. This beneficial fat is not only used for food preparation but dressings, sauces and more. Olive oil obviously is derived from the olive that is grown on the Mediterranean Basin tree. Aside from cooking and kitchen use, the Greeks and Italians have been using olive oil for centuries for various other reasons including a protection for the skin. Christopher Columbus introduced this amazing therapeutic oil to Americans, as immigrants imported it to the United States from their own countries.

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Ancestors of Greece and Italy had to crush their own olives with stones or by foot in an attempt to create olive oil. The crushed olives were then placed on flat discs and stacked on top of each other, squeezing out the oil. More recently the process of obtaining the Olive oil is through a mechanical grinding of the olives, continuing with a chemical and motorized method in order to extract the oil. Such a process produces what is known as “virgin oil” as long as there is no heat, solvents, chemical interaction or microwaves used in its production and process.

Benefits of olive oil for dogs

Olive oil is not only beneficial for human use but it is also a healthy addition to your dog’s daily diet. The dogs love the taste and mild odor of this oil, enticing them to consume all of their otherwise boring kibbles. For the best nutrition, choose a well-balanced diet along with omega-3 fatty acids and a dash of olive oil. Not only does it grace the palate, olive oil can also promote healthy weight by avoiding obesity, a common problem with many pets. In fact, it can help with weight loss which results from the process of the monounsaturated fats in the oil. It actually works to persuade the melting of fat cells and reduce insulin sensitivity.

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More Benefits of Olive oil for dogs

The monounsaturated fats in olive oils can also promote optimal health in your dog because of its abilities to prevent and lessen the chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, olive oil is believed to prevent cancer in dogs because of the oleic acid it contains, along with the compounds of terpenoids and squalene. At least 50 per cent of dogs over the age of 10 are affected and die from some type of cancer each year.

Olive oil is filled with high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids and chlorophyll which are a great combination in promoting your dog’s healthy immune system necessary in fighting off illness and disease. This is especially true during the change of seasons with the alteration of the environment, leading to allergies, skin problems, parasite issues and more. What is also sad is when your dog starts going gray and becoming tired and drained before its time. Along with a healthy immune system, supplementing your dog’s daily diet can extend its life by preventing free radical cell oxidation that robs your dog of its youth prematurely.

olive oil for dogs
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A dose each day can help with cognitive function in your dog, despite its age and breed. Providing this supplement for your senior dog each day can help the animal to be more alert, attentive and happier with improved brain function. Gaining its new found youth, your dog will also have an increased boost of energy.

This truly amazing substance in its natural form has a multitude of other benefits for your dog. A daily dose can improve circulation by increasing blood flow and can ward off the effects of asthma. It is especially beneficial for the Brachycephalic breeds of dogs that have difficulty breathing, such as the pug and bulldog, although all breeds can benefit from olive oil supplements.

Most of its benefits from this simple home remedy works from the inside out. It conditions the skin with moisture and brings luster to an otherwise dry coat of fur. Adding olive oil to your dog’s diet can promote a beautiful health shining coat and supple skin that is free of flakes and abrasions, not to mention a good lubrication for healthy bowels. Administer about a ½ teaspoon of this natural oil from the olive per 20 pounds of dog at each meal.

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A daily dose can ward off the dangers posed by the sun and heat exposure. Dab a little olive oil on your dog’s burnt areas as a protection and natural remedy; if it is licked off, it is not dangerous to the pet. Topical application can also relieve raw sores and flea bites. Massaging warm olive oil on burnt, tired or cracked, sore foot pads can help soothe, relieve and soften your dog’s paws.

Olive oil in its purest form has many benefits for you as well as your canine family member. Provide for a longer, healthier and happier life for everyone in the home including your dog. For more authoritative information by a veterinarian on the this topic please visit olive oil for dogs by a veterinarian

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