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How To Stop German Shepherd Puppy From Biting

by David W.
German Shepherd Puppy Biting a leg

Many inexperienced owners do not understand why German Shepherd puppies constantly jump and bite. On its own, even a mature dog is unlikely to stop biting, as well as jumping on the owner. That is why the owner should know how to get a German Shepherd puppy to stop biting, in order to prevent unfortunate consequences in the future.

Why it’s important to start training your puppy early

Every person who decides to get a dog should be very responsible in choosing a breed. Over the past 20-30 years, the German Shepherd has been popular.

People who have decided to get a four-legged friend of this breed should understand that it is a service dog, and it needs timely and proper training.

Experienced cynologists advise beginning this process immediately after the puppy’s arrival in the house, from 2 months. It is extremely important to establish psychological contact with him so that he will begin to obey any commands over time.

Lack of training may cost not only the family, but also the owner since the dog will not only begin to destroy the property but, feeling himself the leader of the pack, he will show aggression towards the owner and others around him.

Why does a puppy bite its owner, growl, and grab his hands and feet?

Black German Shepherd Biting a ball

German Shepherd puppies start biting when their teeth change. It lasts up to 6-7 months, during which the “teenager” not only periodically bites the owner’s hands, but also chews everything around. All the owners of this breed know how hard a Shepherd bites because they have to tolerate it a lot in the process of training.

If, after 8 months, the grown-up puppy still bites, then the reason for this behavior may lie in the lack of proper training. GSD owners should understand that if their pets have the habit of grabbing the legs or biting the hands hard, it will be extremely difficult to eradicate. Once the Shepherd fully develops a character, it can become simply uncontrollable. And even an expert may not be able to tell you what to do in such a situation.

How to stop a German Shepherd from biting

GSD Puppy Biting a rope

To get a Shepherd Dog to stop biting, as well as jumping on you, you need to listen to the recommendations of experienced dog experts:

  • If the puppy begins to behave inappropriately during play, the owner should loudly give him the command “off” or “no”, then turn away from the dog or move away from him. Completely ignoring it will help the dog understand why its owner has stopped having fun with it.
  • If the dog gets too excited and pretends not to hear or see his owner, then the owner should take the dog by the collar and pull it (without too much strength) to the side. The discomfort will make the puppy stop biting.
  • Recently dog trainers are moving away from rigid educational methods and trying to use more humane methods of influence in the process of training. For example, you can distract the puppy’s attention with a clicker. It’s a special device that makes a click sound. Your puppy should be taught that when he hears the click sound he has done something wrong and should stop doing it. For example, the puppy starts biting the owner’s legs, then he hears the click, and immediately retreats. For this, the owner should at first give him a treat, so that the dog understands that he is doing everything right.
  • If the puppy began to behave inappropriately and too aggressively attracts the owner’s attention, then you can distract his attention with a toy. But it should be noted that this method will not work all the time. When the dog gets tired of the monotony, he will stop responding to the toy and start spitting it out of his mouth almost immediately.

In order to raise a service dog to be adequate and fully controllable, the owner must begin from the earliest days to train it. In addition, the rapidly growing puppy should have daily physical activity, after which it will hardly want to do various “silly” things.

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