Fish oil for Dogs

Fish Oil for Dogs

fish oil for dog
” Fish oil “


Fish oil for dogs

contains omega-3 fatty acids has long been touted as having huge benefits for human consumption. Some of the many benefits attributed to fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids include possible reduction of risks of certain cancers, reduction of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and beneficial impact on certain heart conditions. Currently, studies are being conducted to determine whether there is a positive impact on patients suffering from clinical depression and elderly patients exhibiting Alzheimer symptoms. Another major benefit of fish oil is a noticeable improvement to hair condition. But if this medical supplement is good for humans, can it have the same benefits for dogs? Is it safe to provide this type of supplement to pets?

Is it dangerous to give dogs oil supplements intended for human consumption?

In many instances, medications which are formulated for humans should not be given to dogs. In the case of these supplements, the supplement is fine for consumption by most dogs. In cases where a dog suffers from some sort of chronic health issue, it is recommended that a veterinarian be consulted before putting the dog on any regimen supplementation.


fish oils
fish oil for your dog

What are the benefits of taking fish oils?

One of the major benefits of the daily use of supplements for dogs is to alleviate the symptoms of canine allergies. Many dogs suffer from some sort of allergic dermatitis, and fish oil has been shown to decrease scratching caused by skin inflammation and irritation. Reduction of scratching will also help alleviate skin irritability and redness, and improve the condition of the dog’s skin.

Daily use of these supplements may also enhance the appearance of the dog’s coat, as it strengthens and softens the hair shafts. The dog’s coat will retain moisture, lending it a glossier appearance.

Other possible benefits to fish oil dog supplements

Ongoing medical studies are now being conducted to determine whether fish oil usage will produce additional benefits. It may improve kidney function, alleviate arthritis and lower cholesterol. Since fish oil supplements are believed to improve brain function in Alzheimer patients, it is also believed that they may improve brain function in older dogs. These supplements may also provide improve the dog’s immune system and cardiac health. Veterinarians are now recommending that dogs with cancer be placed on daily fish oil supplementation, as it is believed the omega-3 fatty acids slow the growth of cancer cells.

What is the proper dosage of fish oils?

Pet food stores often carry capsules made specifically for dogs; in such instances, it is easy to determine the proper dosage for a dog. If using capsules formulated for humans, the pet owner will need to determine the correct dosage for their dog. A veterinarian can assist pet owners in determining the proper dosage for their dog based upon weight.

Fish oils and how to feed this supplement to dogs. Learn more about this product below by clicking on its picture.

fish oil

In many cases, adding the capsule to a dog’s food can be accomplished without the dog noticing the difference. In the case of a picky eater, however, the fish oil capsule can actually be punctured and the contents mixed in directly with the dog’s food. Another method which may prove effective is to hide the capsule in a piece of cheese or coat it with peanut butter.

Fish oil for dogs

Are there any negative effects of fish oil?

Some dogs are very sensitive to dietary changes, and may experience loose stools when placed on supplements. If this condition continues, discontinue the fish oil capsules and consult a veterinarian. It may be necessary to start the dog on a lower dose of fish oil to allow the dog’s digestive system to accommodate the increased fatty acids.

All in all, the benefits of fish oils are overwhelmingly positive. Pet owners may want to consider adding supplements to their dog’s daily diet to see if the benefits of fish oil for dogs.

fish oil for dog
Fish oils

Fish oil for dogs and other oil supplements

You must draw your own conclusions based on your own dog and some good advice from a trusted vet for your fish oil supplements. Here are some more references to various oils good for your dogs health.

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