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Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

by David W.
German Shepherd training

There’s a reason why German Shepherds stand third on the list of the world’s smartest dogs – they’re super intelligent! They are known for their bravery, strength, and high IQ.

With that said, you might be wondering if German Shepherds are easy to train.

The short answer is yes. German Shepherds are quick learners and very easy to train. But trainability requires more than intelligence and obedience. There are many aspects that impact your dog’s trainability, including your techniques, age, and so on.

This article will guide you through everything you need to learn about how easily you can train them. You’ll have a trained companion in no time!

Factors That Help GSD’s Trainability

German Shepherds are very smart; they have quick responses to efficient training. Therefore, they make excellent therapy dogs and police dogs.

However, a dog’s trainability is influenced by a host of factors. Luckily, you can control most of them. But the most crucial thing is always being patient while working with your dog.

Train Early

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, literally applies here. The sooner you train your German Shepherd, the easier it will be. Regardless of the breed, you’ll have an easier time training a young puppy than a fully grown dog.

It’s true that puppies have the attention span of a fly, but they are fast learners, so you needn’t worry about training them. Let’s talk about the different types of training and when you can start them.

Potty training

Potty training a dog is essential, especially if you have rugs or carpets at home. You can start training when your puppy is 12 weeks old. Be ready to face a learning curve; you’ll need a lot of patience too.

Obedience and command training

You’ll have no problem training your pooch to respond to commands and be obedient. It is one of the most rewarding experiences for a dog owner as well as the dog. Seven weeks old is a good time to start this type of training.

Socialization training

12 to 14 weeks is a crucial time to give your puppy socialization training. This is when they will get curious about the surroundings and be eager to interact. If you don’t set a strong foundation on socialization, training your dog outside in other places can get challenging.

Be consistent and Use Proper Training Techniques

GSD training

Training German Shepherds is a breeze when you use the proper methods. But you also need consistency. Regardless of the type of training, keeping a routine and consistent training technique will never be in vain.

  • Reward; Don’t Punish: Whether you’re saying encouraging words, praising them, giving them a treat, or some extra playtime, reward always brings better results than punishment.
  • Be Authoritative: If you maintain authority from day one, you’ll have a more obedient dog who will respond quickly to your commands. Be consistent in your rules so that your German Shepherd does not get confused.
  • Keep Calm: Don’t be frustrated even if training your puppy is taking more time. Keeping calm and consistent in your efforts is the best way to ensure results and happy training sessions for both you and your German Shepherd.

Follow up on Previous Training

Having a few weeks-old German Shepherd puppy isn’t everyone’s case. The companion you might have at home may be a rescue or an adopted dog. Dogs develop their character and pick up habits when they are young, so new training will be difficult, at least initially. It doesn’t mean that the task is impossible. After all, we’re talking about the smartest dogs here. But you might have an easier time training them if you make an effort to learn about their past experiences and training.

Train Faster and Easier with Your Attitude and Approach

Are German Shepherds easy to train? Yes. But it takes some work. Being smart doesn’t assure they will get every command right on the first day or the first try.

How you approach, your dog training plays a crucial role. Showing love and compassion during the process goes a long way. Maintaining a patient and positive attitude will fetch better responses from your pooch than being harsh or extremely commanding. Remember not to get upset or show frustration, or they’ll stress out. It is important to work with your dog and not at it.

How Much Should You Train Your German Shepherd?

German Shepherd Dog training session

Training twice daily for at least ten minutes is great. But most puppies excel more from 3 or 4 sessions. The training sessions let your dog learn commands while keeping them entertained. If you regularly spend time with them, they won’t need to look for fun someplace else.

For older dogs, you might want to go easier and train them for one session per day. German Shepherds love to be around people, train and have fun. It is also good for their mental and physical being as they grow older. Training should continue for a lifetime. It will keep your dog’s brain active. It also prevents the dog from behaving destructively, as German Shepherds become aggressive and destructive with a lack of physical and mental exercise.

You don’t have to have an end goal to start training. Accomplishing some basic commands is essential, but don’t stop at it. German Shepherds are as good and intelligent as you train them.


Owning a German Shepherd is fun. Because of their intelligence and obedience, they are easily trainable. They want to make their owners happy by obeying commands!

If you use the right training method, you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting your German Shepherd to listen to you. Meanwhile, you should also focus on strengthening your relationship. If the dog doesn’t like or trust you, getting them to obey you will be hard. Start training them as soon as you bring them home. By the ninth week, you’ll be able to have them mastered the basic commands.

So, are German Shepherd puppies easy to train? Very! So, don’t hesitate to start a session with your furry and adorable friend as soon as it reaches nine weeks old.

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