Enjoy the German shepherd pictures we have which include German shepherd puppy pictures as well as images of German shepherds having fun and black and sable German shepherds and more.

German Shepherds, as their name implies, originated in Germany. Originally bred for specific traits conducive to sheep herding, their high intelligence and strength made them useful on the battlefield during the First World War. Today, police forces around the globe use German Shepherds to locate criminals, drugs and missing persons. German Shepherds are also popular show dogs because they can be trained with relative ease. Most Americans became familiar with the breed through animal actor Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd who appeared in 27 films in the early days of cinema.

german shepherd picture

Black German Shepherd

Nero vom Mystical Haus H.O.T. BH AD AKC CD Training for IPO at Piedmont Schutzhund Club…

rescue german shepherd picture

“K9 Baks who proudly served his country”

K9 Baks , dual purpose patrol, man trailing/tracking explosives Served a tour overseas…We are proud to have this boy on our site. I salute you K9 Baks!!

Black German shepherd pictures

sable rescue german shepherd picture

“Sable Rescue Dog”

Above is Rescue dog “Chance” pulled from death row in WV (RIP)

sable german shepherd picture

sable German shepherd

Condor von den Roten Vorbergen “Deuce”@ 5 months old practice stack B-H.O.T. AD. Sable German shepherd pictures..wonderful looking German shepherd puppy pictures! Thanks to Melissa Blower of Von Den Roten Vorbergen German Shepherds and her 10 year old boy Skyler Kidder who took the photos above. Great job of taking the German shepherd pictures!! Way to go Skyler!! Thank you!!

german shepherd picture

“Tracking German shepherd at 12 months old”

Tracking is part of what a “working” German shepherd does.

Here are some more German shepherd puppy pictures below and above of a wonderful “working dog” at various stages of its life participating in various training. The German shepherd is a successful working dog in police service and other professional duties. To exemplify its attributes, many owners choose to get the dogs involved in working dog competition.

Wonderful German shepherd pictures that we are happy to have on our site!

images of german shepherd

Obedience work at 10 months

images of german shepherds

Bite work at only 8 months!! WOW!!

Below are some German shepherd pictures straight from Germany which Koenigsgarde a German Shepherd breeder, member of the VDH and FCI  “von der Königsgarde”  graciously allowed us to add. They truly have some beautiful German shepherd pictures and German shepherd puppy pictures!

Enjoy the German shepherd pictures!

German Shepherd Puppy Picture

german shepherd puppy picture

German shepherd puppies

Sister meeting with Riba, Riva, Rala and Ronja. Aren’t these the cutest sister German shepherd puppy pictures ever?

german shepherd puppy picture

More puppies!

Vienchen and Vegas in Bellheim

Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz, credited with being the founder of the German Shepherd dog as a distinct breed, was born on Dec. 30, 1864. Born in Dresden, Germany, he was born into German nobility. His family expectations were that he would become a military officer, and even though he wanted to work in agriculture, he followed his family’s wishes and ended up a career officer with the cavalry. This one choice proved to be pivotal, as it enabled Von Stephanitz to travel the country where he encountered a variety of working shepherd dogs.

Max von Stephanitz believed that the ideal breeders of German shepherds would be families with only a couple of breeding dogs, in order to facilitate daily contact with the dogs as a way of carefully choosing the dogs which would enhance the breed in the future.